Kids of Today – Odd Thoughts While Biking

Earlier this week I was pushing the pedals up a big hill near my house and just thinking of random thoughts to pass the time. I wasn’t going very fast as I wasn’t in any hurry. I begin hearing a strange sound and look back over my shoulder to see a golf cart loaded with pre-teens chugging up the hill behind me. There were probably five of them, with a pair standing on the back like they were guarding the president or something. I’ve seen this cartload of kids driving all over our neighborhood and just have to wonder if these kids ever get any exercise.

Then, as if on cue, another little girl comes in off a side street riding a motorized razor scooter. For a minute we were all on the same street heading up this hill – and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was a kid today if I would also opt for the easy route of those fun rides or if I would have suffered up the hill riding a bike. “When I was a kid” we didn’t have anything but our muscles to get around town…

Looking at my watch I noted that I am officially “old” in the cosmic sense of the word. Our triad broke up, each to our destinations.

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  1. Interesting thoughts… I think what you’ve witnessed is some of our bigger ‘energy’ issues overall: stored energy and wasted energy. While you question if those kids are getting enough exercise, it’s pretty clear that most Americans are not, as our waistlines expand and health insurance premiums associated with risk go up. …and these kids are exhibiting behaviors taught to them: why walk/ride/run when you can drive? They are learning from their parents and neighbors.

    Simultaneously, their parents are probably complaining about the cost of gasoline and electricity, while needlessly recharging a scooter and electric cart that could easily be driven by leg (scooter) or not driven at all (golf cart).

    Again, very interesting Blog. I see two problems associated with what you’ve witnessed. Truly deep and ‘random’ thoughts. Thanks again,

    -Brian Fox

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