Open Source Software Links

For my own resource, I’m posting links to all my important software which is open source.

  • Zscreen: Video Game screenshot capture
  • TruCrypt – Encryption of files and entire partitions
  • OpenOffice – An application every bit as good as MS Office for MOST things.
  • Digsby – IM chat client that links up with Facebook, IRC, ICQ, and most/all major IM clients.
  • Araneae – Basic text editor. I prefer version 4, but they are up to version 5.
  • Muziic Player – Standalone MP3/Audio player. I got sick of WinAmp being such a hog and always needing updates.
  • IrfanView – Image batch resizer. This program does one thing very well. It takes directories of images and resizes/renames them. Handy for digital camera pictures.
  • FastStone Image Viewer – An ACDSEE clone. As best I can tell it does just as much, but is free.
  • Screengrab – A nice Firefox add-on which creates a jpg of an entire webpage, even if it is too tall to fit in your browser window.
  • Web Developer – A must have add-on for FireFox which provides numerous tools for working with web pages, seeing code, CSS, etc.
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