Return of the King (Scrambler)

OK, I bought my Jeep Scrambler back in 2002 for the modest sum of $4500, which at the time felt like I was getting a smoking deal for a relatively clean and operable 1985 model.  I began working with my buddy Curt Sadler who was then working for Poison Spyder Customs – and together (his brains and my sweat) we slowly brought the CJ8 up to modern wheeling standards.  By late 2003 it was ready to go, and in early 2004 I took it on its maiden voyage to Holy Cross, CO.  It performed every bit as well as I’d hoped.  For my style of driving (generally light on the gas, and carefully selected lines of approach) it was fantastic.

Then, I took about a 5 year break from driving it.  I can’t really believe it has been that long, but there it is.  FIVE YEARS it has pretty much sat in one garage or another.  I was tempted to sell it, and even posted it on Craigslist a few times with a few nibbles here and there.  But my heart was never really into the sale.  But it wasn’t really into keeping it either… which left me in a quandary.

This summer however, I’ve gotten the bug once again and I’m trying to FINALLY get this pig registered and plated in MO so I can legally drive on the roads.  My assumption being that if I can get myself back into Jeeping and I have fun like I did in the past, I’ll keep her for a little while longer.  I spent the past week working on the rear brakes – and I haven’t gone nuts, so maybe I have a chance!

1985 Jeep Scrambler Coming Soon!

1985 Jeep Scrambler Coming Soon!

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