Picasa Mountain Bike Photo Galleries

For many years (maybe a decade or more!) I’ve been putting photos on my own websites as a way to keep track of my bike riding, jeeping, and family life. The big advantage is that I can do whatever I want, put up as many images as I need, and not have to worry about anyone giving me grief about it. However, eventually it became so large and unwieldy that I just didn’t feel like updating the software and dealing with the headaches that entailed. It became a chore to update photos, and this was not helping encourage me to post photos online.

So, where to go?

I’m trying Google’s Picasa to see how that works for me. The first Gig is free, which I could fill up in my sleep, but it is 5 bucks for an extra 5GB of space… Once I reach a Gig, I’ll see how I feel about it and take it from there. For now, here is where I’ll be moving my biking photos. Family photos will be elsewhere.


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