Fruita Mountain Bike Trip 2009?

Ever since the Tour of Missouri came through town I’ve been re-energized to ride more this fall. The weather was unusually nice up through Thanksgiving, allowing me to ride several times into the “cold” part of the year. Despite not getting a lot of riding in for most of the year I feel I ramped up very quickly and by the last ride I felt really strong. A positive thing to carry into the new year! I am a real wuss though in that I typically can’t stand riding when it gets below 45-50 degrees so any exercise I get will have to be indoors. I’ve never been very good at going to the gym or even riding the recumbent bike I have sitting in my basement.

However, one motivation to keep in shape over the winter is a possible trip to Fruita next spring with my friends in Denver. If I can keep that in mind I should be able to either get to a gym from time to time and spin, or else dust off my exercise bike here and give it a go now and then.

The act of publicly stating my intention to go riding next year should help keep my motivation going through the dark months of winter ahead. Of course if I don’t revisit my blog for weeks or months…

No, that won’t happen!

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