Governor Jay Nixon Please Save the Tour of Missouri

I don’t normally get involved in anything political, but in the rare instance where my passion (biking) crosses with political tomfoolery, I have to do something.  I want there to be a Tour of Missouri in 2010, but in my view it appears the whole world has assumed the tour will be canned after 2009 – and no one seems to be overly concerned.  Today, as the Tour of Missouri 2009 is underway, is when we need to raise awareness and get the Governor on board with saving it.  We can only do that by continually reminding him that there are constituents who passionately support this international sporting event.  Please consider a brief email to Governor Nixon and tell him thanks for supporting the race this year, but that it would be even better if he could pledge support publicly for the race in 2010.

Here is what I’ve sent just now;


Thank you governor for releasing the funds to bring the Tour of Missouri to our state in 2009.  However, now is the time to show support for the tour and publicly state your commitment to bring the tour back in 2010.  Not to state the obvious, but the economic impact by all accounts is a net positive, and this will only improve as the tour gets stronger.  The strength comes in knowing funding won’t suddenly be cut – which is where you come in.  As it is, everyone thinks you will leave the tour for dead after this year, which kills the enthusiasm of future potential sponsors, race teams and organizers, international tourists, etc. This is a self-fulfilling negative prophecy.

Please consider making a statement in support of the tour as it is happening this year if you haven’t already.

Best regards,

Brian King


Email Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri.

If you prefer to call directly, 573-751-3222.

Please ask him to support the tour in 2010.