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Playground at Suson Park

Playground at Suson Park

For my first post it is fitting that I include my playground buddy, G-man. G and I often give mom the nights off so she can relax by going on adventures around town. More often than not this involves a trip to the playground and his favorite pastime of swinging!

Tonight we took an adventure to Suson Park, in South St. Louis County, Missouri. They recently rebuilt the entire playground with all new equipment, new soft surfacing, and landscaping. It has become one of the nicest parks on the south side of the city, and easily beats the parks in Jefferson County.

I know that looking closely at this picture G-man appears to be far from having fun, but what he is actually doing is displaying his displeasure at having his picture taken by a strange person he doesn’t know.  A kind man offered to snap a picture of the two of us – and you can clearly see that one of us was more excited than the other!  G perked up as soon as the camera was turned off, of course.

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